Monday, May 3, 2010

Who's Got the Gator?

Do you have the Gator?  Do you know when I can get a turn with the Gator?

No, we don't have a new pet crocodile that we're sharing.  

Most of the time, we use our Leather Personnel Carriers (our boots) to get around the base, carrying heavy bags and such.  

On special occasions though, we can commandeer the use of "The Gator."  It's a small All Terrain Vehicle made by John Deere that has a pickup style bed.

Today I was able to borrow the Gator for a little while to run a few errands.  The mission?  Deliver four sheet metal boxes full of carpets and clothing to the post office to mail home for someone who just recently left.

The Gator makes it much easier to get around with a load.  

We also used it to haul mail from the post office back to our main building for distribution.  

When we had a BBQ the other night, we used it to transport the food, drinks and supplies across base from the dining facility.

Of course, we can't drive fast or far with it, but taking a trip around the block with it is a little bit of fun in an otherwise uneventful day.

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Geoff said...

Gator gets 'er done!